We create partnerships with entrepreneurs, business owners and management teams across sectors to preserve, add value and build businesses to the next level of success


DANE CAPITAL is a private investment company based in Copenhagen. We have a long track record investing in private companies and operate as a private equity pledge fund. Unlike a traditional private equity fund, we invest our own capital alongside capital from high calibre private and institutional investors without a defined exit period.

We invest in quality companies with revenues between DKK 50-300M (~EUR 7-40M) together with management and business owners to persevere and grow the business for long-term value creation. In principle, we can own our companies indefinitely and create liquidity for our investors through dividends and recapitalisations but may decide to sell a business when time and circumstances are right.

Our investments are made on a deal-by-deal basis with an industry agnostic approach in Denmark, Southern Sweden and Northern Germany. We typically take majority ownership but can also take minority positions at the right terms. We want to partner with companies where we can add value as an active and engaged investor and we only invest in companies where we have a complete understanding of the business model and the risks involved.

Our investment team consist of highly experienced professionals with backgrounds from private equity, investment banking, strategy consulting and senior executive management positions across industries. We have a strong network of industrial and operational advisors to assist us in defining and executing on key value creating activities.


Strong returns are created by buying the right business with the right people at the right price combined with a clear strategy. Together with our partners, we define the full potential and risks of our businesses in order to manage and optimise the opportunities while controlling and minimising the risks. This may sound elementary but nevertheless this is the most difficult challenge when buying small- and mid-cap companies (SME’s).

We know that every situation is different and it is about understanding the needs of all key people involved in the business pre- and post-completion. Thus, our investment approach and partnership model is just as much about the people as the numbers.


All investments have different attributes, but our investment cases will typically include the following main characteristics:

Buy-out features:

  • SME’s with revenues between DKK 50-300M (~EUR 7-40M) and earnings (EBITDA/Cash Flow) between DKK 7-40M (~EUR 1-6M)
  • Company well positioned in its niche segment
  • Strong management team (MBO/MBI)
  • Solid and stable cash-flow
  • Majority positions typically structured as leveraged buyouts (Newco structure)

Growth Capital features:

  • Proven growth companies with revenues and (or close to) cash-flow positive
  • Scalable platform (technology) or business model to support growth plan
  • Owners seeking active partner with capital and knowledge to take company to the next level
  • Minority positions typically structured as capital increase (new shares) for defined growth initiatives

Investment situations: 

  • Owner-led or family owned businesses seeking a generational change
  • Corporate spin-outs
  • Growth capital and/or replacement capital
  • Owners seeking capital, access to large network and active partner


Our team members have a long investment track record across sectors and geographies.

Deal Team

Christian Dalum

Experience from BWB Partners/Odin Equity Partners (2007-2016), Danske Private Equity (2005-2007), 3i Group (2001-2005), SEB Enskilda Securities Corporate Finance (1998-2001), Carlsberg International (1993-1994), DanTransport/DSV (1989-1992).

MBA Fordham Business School (1997-1998), B.Sc. in Finance, NYU, Stern School of Business (1995-1997)

Board positions (past and present):  Tantec (leak detection equipment and atmospheric plasma and corona treatment), Movinn (serviced apartments), A. Henriksen Shipping (port operator and logistics company), R&T Stainless (producer of playground equipment), Remmer (office supplies), EuroMilling (producer of hammer mills and process plant equipment), Advice Invest (mutual fund), System Frugt (dried fruit & nuts), Transmedica (private hospital and staffing business), SfkFoods (ingridients), Phase One (digital camera software and solutions).


Phone: +45 20 20 57 00

E-MAIL: cd@danecapital.dk

Frederik Foged Dreyer-Nielsen

Experience from LEF – Langfristet ErhvervsFinansiering/Founders (2013-2015), Armoire Officielle A/S (2012-2016), GoodValley A/S/Dan-Invest (2009-2013), GN Store Nord (2006-2009), Dragsbaek Maltfabrik (2004-2006), Novo Nordisk Servicepartner (2002-2004), Delphi Economics (2000-2002).

MSc in Finance & Strategic Management, Copenhagen Business School (2009), BrewMaster The Scandinavian Brewing School Copenhagen (2004).

Board positions (past and present): Dannebrog Invest P/S (Wealth Management), BoligLån A/S (peer-to-peer mortgage lending), Dan-Invest A/S (large scale farming, Russia), Armoire Officielle A/S (apparel industry), Advice Invest (mutual fund), Dragsbaek Maltfabrik A/S (malt production).


Phone: +45 26 18 98 17

E-MAIL: fdn@danecapital.dk

Senior Advisors

Ulrik Nehammer

Currently SVP Salesforce. Previously CEO of Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetränke AG, Germany (2011-2016) and before that +15 years in various senior executive positions within Coca-Cola.
Harvard Business School, IMD Business School.


DANE CAPITAL provides private equity advisory services to selected clients. Our team have a successful track record as General Partner (direct investments) and Limited Partner (fund-of-funds) across sectors and geographies providing us with a profound understanding of both GP and LP needs.

Our main services are:

  • General fund placement and advisory services to GP’s and LP’s
  • Advice on fund strategies, decision-making processes and key issues
  • Assistance in all aspects of the fundraising process and individual needs
  • Coaching on presentation work and fund marketing materials
  • External Board Member and participation in Advisory Boards


Visiting office
Gammel Strand 44
1202 Copenhagen K

PHONE: +45 20 20 57 00
E-MAIL: info@danecapital.dk

Posting address
Carl Baggers Allé 10
2920 Charlottenlund

Registration no. (cvr): 36557524

Administration office
FPE Group
Helsingørsvej 38
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